A Growing Fad in Japan, the Long Breath Diet!

Last weekend I went home to visit my parents to see how they were doing, and like we always do during dinner we watched a Japanese variety shows. While watching one of the shows, the topic about a new dieting technique came up.

Long Breath Diet

A weight loss technique that only requires you to take elongated deep breaths 2 minutes a day. This Long Breath Diet was developed by 53 year old Japanese actor Ryosuke Miki. This was first started out as a way to ease his back pain while walking, then suddenly became a hit dieting exercise in Japan.

How Long Breath Diet Works

The Long Breath diet requires you to be in a specific position that maximizes the outcomes of the breathing. It only involves breathing in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth while pushing out all the air out using your abs stimulating all of the inner core muscles of your abdomen.



For English transcription of the video and more information about Long Breath Diet visit Slism.


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3 thoughts on “A Growing Fad in Japan, the Long Breath Diet!

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